LED Light Upgrade Kit

Posted by Formula-J87 on 5/31/2016

Ancient Halogen VS Old HID VS New LED

LED offer substantial energy savings compared to high intensity discharge ( HID ) and traditional halogen lighting systems which converting energy to heat more than light.

Lighting Efficiency & Lumen Depreciation

LED has super high efficiency and slower lumen depreciation compare to HID and Halogen because there is NO gas to burn. Both HID and Halogen has high lumen depreciation as the gas inside the  capsule start to burn off. The output of the HID and Halogen bulb will be about 20 - 40 % less by the time the bulbs reach half of its lifespan.  
Example :
  • HID - 35W bulb - standard is about 3000 lumen output
Efficiency is about 85 lumen per Watt
  • Halogen - 55W bulb - standard is about 1200 lumen ouput
Efficiency is about 22 lumen per Watt
  • LED - 30W bulb - standard is about 3500 lumen output
Efficiency is about 117 lumen per Watt