LED Kit S 80W H11B White 6000K 12000 Lumen Two Bulbs Head Light Low Beam Replacement Upgrade Lamp OEM Fit Plug Play Replace Stock Halogen

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40W Each Bulb
6000 Lumen Each Bulb
Package Include::
Set of 2 LED Light Bulbs

Product Overview

!!!  Please check the bulb model before ordering. We have the website links below !!!

  • !!! Important !!! PLEASE READ  BEFORE PURCHASE

  • Please check  bulb model before ordering. If you do not know the part number, please contact us 

  • I will send you full spec of your vehicle.  Please send this info of your vehicle - Year , Make and Model

  • You can also find out the spec from these two OEM manufacturers

USA Philips - https://www.automotivebulbfinder.com/philips/

Sylvania Automotive - https://www.osram.us/apps/vlrg-us/Vlrg/

  • Kelvin (Color) - 6000K ( White Blue Tint Color )
  • Edison df-4bs LED Chips - 6000 Lumen 40W Each Bulb
  • Excellent 6063 aviation aluminum heat dissipation design for longer life span
  • Longer lifetime than stock halogen bulb and HID Xenon Bulb
  • LED bulbs produce less heat than stock halogen bulb
  • Last up to  30,000 hours in 25°C ambient.
  • Lumen (Brightness) -  100% Improvement
  • Advantage -  Up to 100% Brightness
  • Advantage -  Up to 100% Down road visibility
  • Advantage -  Up to 100% Side road visibility
  • Improving visibility at night & bad weather
  • Reflects road markings and signs better
  • No Modification. Plug and Play for most vehicles on the road.
  • Some CANBUS equipped vehicles may require Anti-Code warning canceller to stop flickering and Error Code on Dash. Please check our store for the warning canceller.

Headlights dim over time by 20% or more and  timely replacement results in increased lighting  performance.

Warranty Information

One-Year Full Replacement Warranty

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review